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UNCLE RABBIT TALES recall, in a fun way, how intelligence and imagination overcome power and strength. Its aesthetics and contents makes it attractive to the public of all ages and its format is flexible to be broadcast in different Tv Shows schedules.

Format: 52 x 2 HD 4 Episodes of 13 min Each episode of 3 tales.

Target: 6 to 12 years old Genre: Comedy – Adventures Status: Production (2 episodes of 6 chapters are ready)

CoProduction: Ministry of Culture and Youth of Costa Rica Centro Costarricense de Producción Cinematográfica Casa Garabato



Uncle Rabbit, the famous character of Latin American tales from Mexico to Venezuela, continues his pranks and jokes as always, now on a tv serie where his friends: The sappy Uncle Coyote, the vain and bandit Uncle Tiger, the beautiful and clever aunt Deer and many more, play the most daring adventures. It is not easy being a rabbit in a world of predators, but the mission of Uncle Rabbit is to stay alive at all costs, by his wits and the complicity of his friends.

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